Monday, March 12, 2018

25 Resources for Military Members and Vets in Las Vegas

There are a lot of resources for military members and veterans in Las Vegas!

  1. The Nellis Air Force Base just north of Las Vegas is where you will find a commissary, exchange, DEERs office, etc.
  2. The local military hospital, located just across the street from the Nellis Air Force Base, is the Mike O'Callaghan Military Medical Center.
  3. The VA Medical Center is also located in North Las Vegas.  They have several medical clinics around the valley as well.
  4. The Thunderbirds Museum is located on the Nellis Base which anyone with military ID can access.
  5. There is also a Space A terminal located on the Nellis base.
  6. The Southern Nevada Veteran's Memorial Cemetery is located in Boulder City.
  7. As is the Nevada State Veteran's Home.
  8. Southern Nevada Honor Flights escorts veterans to memorials held in Washington DC.
  9. There are four VFW posts around the valley.
  10. And there is a USO at McCarran Airport.
  11. There are always a lot of events around Las Vegas for Veteran's Day.
  12. And there are also lots of events around Las Vegas for Memorial Day.
  13. Station Casinos give military members and vets lots of discount every week through their 'Military Monday' promotions.
  14. Military members can get a free National Parks Pass which can be used at the many national parks around Las Vegas and around the country.
  15. And disabled veterans can get a discounted Nevada State Parks Annual Pass.
  16. Military members and vets should always ask for a military discount where ever they go around the valley as there are many businesses that provide such discounts.
  17. Veteran's Village is a social service organization for vets in need in Las Vegas.
  18. And there are several other veterans charities located in Las Vegas including the Nevada Veterans Foundation, Veteran's Care Charity, Vehicles for Veterans, US Vets Las Vegas, and Catholic Veterans of Nevada.
  19. Several other veteran's resource centers include: the Veterans Transition Resource CenterLegal Aid Center Veterans Services, the Nevada Military Support Alliance, and the Nevada Department of Veterans Services.
  20. For higher education, there is the UNLV Military and Veterans Service Center and the CSN Vets Center.
  21. For military and vets in crisis, call the Veterans Crisis Line
  22. The Nellis Inn offers on-base lodging.
  23. The Nevada Office of Military Legal Assistance provides free legal assistance to military members for civil matters.
  24. Veterans in Clark County Nevada may qualify for a special property tax exemption program.
  25. The Disabled American Veterans organization has a few offices around the Las Vegas Valley.

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