Friday, January 12, 2018

100 Cool, Weird, and Interesting Things in Las Vegas (Part 3 of 3)

And finally...

67.  The First Creek Hike is very cool--it looks like you are heading out into the dry desert but by going a bit off trail you will find an amazing grotto and waterfall.
68.  The Hoover Dam is an amazing feat of engineering and well worth a visit (be sure to hike from the dam bypass bridge down past the power station then over to the rooftop of the parking garage down to the main bridge).
69.  The Great Santa Run is a must-do when it comes to community fun runs.  Your entry gets you a Santa costume and you run with thousands of other Santas.  Fun!
70.  There are a few "you really shouldn't be doing that" activities around Vegas which makes me worry for people's safety including flying a fighter jet (with no flying experience) and racing sports cars (with no racing experience).
71.  We have an actual speakeasy in town, complete with hidden entry way and required password before you can even come in.  Check out Capo's Speakeasy for some pretty good Italian food.
72.  You can learn about the history of sex (!?!) at the Erotic Heritage Museum.
73.  One of the most shocking and most popular shows in Las Vegas (and either most loved or most hated depending on which reviews you read, my Mormon friends were horrified when they's rather vulgar and raunchy) is Absinthe.
74.  From the weird bars file, the Laundry Room in downtown Las Vegas has a hidden entrance, requires a secret password, and has a two hour maximum stay.
75.  They do unusual things with ice cream in Las Vegas, like making rolled ice cream, snow cream, and these monstrosities.
76.  Extreme eating is a thing in Las Vegas and there are plenty of restaurants here with their own extreme eating challenges.
77.  Did you know there is an ATM at the Linq...for cupcakes?
78.  Did you also know you can go surfing in the middle of the desert?  You can at the FlowRider at Planet Hollywood.
79.  I love the show Pawn Stars, unfortunately the line to get in the store is always so long I've never actually been in the store--but the show is great, kind of like Antiques Roadshow with attitude.
80.  My favorite museum in Las Vegas is the Clark County Museum--it definitely gave me flashbacks to the '50s era houses of my grandparents and their friends.
81.  If you are a certified diver you can swim with actual sharks at the Shark Reef Aquarium!
82.  The 52 Peaks Club sounds like it should be a bar but it is actually a hiking club that challenges members to climb all 52 (mountain) peaks around Las Vegas.
83.  In theory, people are only supposed to have "safe and sane" fireworks in Las Vegas, in actuality, many people buy commercial-grade fireworks in Moapa and launch them on New Yea'rs Eve and the 4th of July, rivaling anything the big casinos put on.
84.  There's your standard haunted houses around Halloween and then there are the really really scary terrifying haunted houses which you can find only at Freakling Brothers.
85.  Some people think watching guys in dresses is weird, some thing it's cool, but no matter which side you fall on, the Diva's Drag show is pretty amazing!
86.  Jousting definitely falls into the cool category, that's what makes the Tournament of Kings show so popular.
87.  If you are a fan of the Animal Planet show 'Tanked', you can tour the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the country--and maybe see the stars of the show--right here in Las Vegas.
88.  Apparently ax throwing is a thing now.  You can partake in this, um, interesting sport at Axehole.
89.  The Double Down Saloon is cool (their motto is 'shut up and drink') as well as weird (bacon martini anyone??).
90.  For some eye-opening--and very thorough--reviews of all things nude in Las Vegas (nude bars, topless pools, brothel reviews, etc) check out Topless Vegas.
91.  You can find foods from every country in Las Vegas, Ethiopian Food generally fulfills the cool, weird, and interesting definition for most people.
92.  For sheer coolness, it's hard to beat the Rise Lantern Festival--tens of thousands of lighted lanterns floating out over the desert is something not to be missed!
93.  A short road trip from Vegas will take you to Death Valley, one of the hottest places in the world where temps in the summer routinely hit 120 degrees!
94.  Route 50 is America's loneliest road and it cuts right through central Nevada.
95.  The Valley of Fire gives you a cool look at the region's fascinating geology.  Photographers love this place!
96.  Las Vegas Oddities is, well, odd and weird, and fascinating.  It's aptly called 'the weirdest little store in Vegas'.
97.  Escape Rooms are the in thing now and Vegas gives you plenty of options for these.
98.  The Las Vegas Marathon draws some of the best runners in the world.  This is a great event for participants and spectators alike.
99.  These are the funniest looking scooters but each day you can see them by the dozens heading out to Red Rock Canyon.  Cute!
100.  Urban exploring is a popular hobby in many places.  Check out these urban exploration resources for Las Vegas.

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