Saturday, January 20, 2018

10 Great Passes for Travelers

If you love to travel and love to get great discounts, consider picking up these annual passes before you head out on vacation:
  1. National Park Pass (entry to all of the national parks in the US)
  2. Canadian Parks Pass (if you will be traveling in Canada)
  3. ASTC Travel Passport (science centers and museums pass)
  4. American Alliance of Museums Pass (ditto)
  5. Annual passes for state parks you will be visiting (examples here and here)
  6. City Passes (a flat rate for various attractions in listed cities)
  7. A daily/weekly/monthly transit pass for the city you will be visiting (example here)
  8. An Entertainment Book for the cities you will be visiting
  9. If you like to travel by train consider a rail pass for the places you are visiting (examples here, here, and here)
  10. Annual passes or memberships for specific places you like to frequent (examples here, here, and here)

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