Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Tech I Use

This is all the tech I of these days I may have a drone to toss in here as well :)
  • 15" HP Pavilion i7 laptop.  Big enough to see all the documents I write clearly and I love the extra real estate when I am designing websites.
  • 13" Dell XPS i5 laptop.  I've had this laptop for a few years and use it for everything.  I like that it is really small and portable (it is a 13" laptop in the body of an 11" laptop due to having very little bezel) and with its SSD it is really quick!
  • Galaxy Tab S2.  I had the Tab S1 which was great at the time but it got old so I got the Tab S2.  When the Tab S3 came out I got rid of the Tab S2 and got the S3 but wasn't really impressed with it (it was too big and heavy and not noticeably better than the S2) so I took the S3 back and got a newer version of the Tab S2 8" tablet and I am really happy with it.
  • Galaxy S8+.  I love this phone.  I don't use the note feature so didn't get the S8 Note; this phone was basically the same size as the Note but lighter.  The processor is ridiculously fast and it takes great photos (which is basically what I use the phone for most of the time although I was able to use Go To Meeting at the same time as I was calling in to the meeting while at the same time checking my email with absolutely no stuttering.  Yeah Galaxy!).

Monday, January 29, 2018

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Falafel Gyros

It is super easy to make great tasting falafel gyros which are even better than those you can buy in a restaurant!

Since I was in a hurry today the naan bread was from Costco.  But it is actually pretty easy to make your own naan bread using this recipe.  The tzatziki sauce is simply plain yogurt mixes with garlic powder and dried dill.  For vegetables I like onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce.  And the falafel is easily made in a blender then fried or baked.  I found this recipe for falafel today which was really tasty.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Fabulous Photos...

...because I am working on a huge project and it's getting late and I've challenged myself to blog every day this year...

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Clubs for Travelers Who Like to Collect Things

I like lists and I like traveling so I am extra fascinated by people who travel and check things off their lists at the same time, like people in these groups:

Read some interesting article on these club members here, here, and here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Weird Las Vegas or 10 Unusual Things About My City

Locals often forget that there are many things about Las Vegas that people from other places would consider weird, or straight up illegal!

  1. Alcohol laws are really lax. Drinking in public? No problem. Bars open 24 hours a day? Yep.  Alcohol sold in grocery stores/corner stores/etc, 24 hours a day? Uh huh.
  2. So are gun laws.  "Gun owners in Nevada don't need a permit to buy or possess a rifle, shotgun or handgun, according to the National Rifle Association. They can carry a firearm openly in public. Nevadans can even purchase machine guns or silencers, banned in other states, as long as they're legally registered and within federal compliance. The state does not prohibit possession of assault weapons, 50-caliber rifles or large-capacity ammunition magazines, according to the NRA."
  3. Prostitution is legal just 45 minutes away in Pahrump.  "The state of Nevada is the only jurisdiction in the United States where prostitution is permitted.  Strictly regulated brothels operate legally in isolated rural areas, away from the majority of Nevada's population (ie: prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas)."
  4. Marijuana is legal too.  On November 8, 2016 recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada (medicinal marijuana was legal before that).  While marijuana is legal in a few other states, it is still in the minority of states that allow this.
  5. We have no state income tax.  Nevada is one of seven US states that doesn't collect a state income tax.
  6. Weather is kind of weird here too.  Las Vegas gets an average of 4.17 inches of rain per year and is clear and sunny 210 days per year!
  7. Gambling is, of course, legal.  24/7/365.  You can find slot machines at grocery stores and at the airport, and hearing that some random person won a million dollars on a slot machine happens all the time here.
  8. Las Vegas is both the divorce capital of the country and the wedding mecca of the US.  Hmmmm
  9. More than 200 people are reported missing to the police each month in Las Vegas.  Eeekkk
  10. There is another Las Vegas, not in Nevada.  It's in New Mexico.

Monday, January 22, 2018

You Know You've Lived in Las Vegas Too Long...

...when seeing something like this doesn't even make you bat an eye.  I think these jeeps are from one of the "shoot a machine gun" companies that will pick you up at your hotel.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

These are the easiest and quickest cookies to make!  Simply melt a half tablespoon of butter in the microwave or on the stove, add a handful of chocolate chips and melt together with the butter.  Stir in a big spoonful of peanut butter, melting it together with the other ingredients, then stir in a cup or so of oatmeal.  Let cool a bit until you can form it into bite-size cookies.  It takes a total of about five minutes to make these!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

10 Great Passes for Travelers

If you love to travel and love to get great discounts, consider picking up these annual passes before you head out on vacation:
  1. National Park Pass (entry to all of the national parks in the US)
  2. Canadian Parks Pass (if you will be traveling in Canada)
  3. ASTC Travel Passport (science centers and museums pass)
  4. American Alliance of Museums Pass (ditto)
  5. Annual passes for state parks you will be visiting (examples here and here)
  6. City Passes (a flat rate for various attractions in listed cities)
  7. A daily/weekly/monthly transit pass for the city you will be visiting (example here)
  8. An Entertainment Book for the cities you will be visiting
  9. If you like to travel by train consider a rail pass for the places you are visiting (examples here, here, and here)
  10. Annual passes or memberships for specific places you like to frequent (examples here, here, and here)

Friday, January 19, 2018

90 Free (and 10 Inexpensive) Things to Do In Las Vegas

Here are 90 free thing to do in Las Vegas...
  1. Check out 7 Magic Mountains
  2. Visit the Goodsprings Pioneer Saloon
  3. Go to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden
  4. Go to the Hoover Dam (you can walk across the pedestrian bridge and the dam)
  5. Play at Mt Charleston (snow in the winter, beautiful hikes in the summer)
  6. Climb Exploration Peak
  7. Visit Sunset Park
  8. Watch the Bellagio Fountain Show
  9. Check out the Bellagio Conservatory
  10. Walk through the Linq Promenade
  11. Find famous people buried in Las Vegas cemeteries
  12. Check out the birds at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat
  13. Check out the birds at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve
  14. Go to a museum for free on Museum Day Live! 
  15. Visit Lake Mead or Red Rock Canyon on Free NPS Entry Days
  16. Visit a state park on fee-free Nevada Public Lands Day
  17. Do the First Creek Grotto hike
  18. Watch free circus acts at Circus Circus
  19. Watch free bands and other entertainment at the Fremont Experience
  20. Attend a free community event at the library
  21. Attend a free community event in Henderson
  22. Attend a free community event in Boulder City
  23. Attend a free community event in Laughlin
  24. Walk the famous Las Vegas Strip
  25. Do a free group walk with the Las Vegas Volksmarchers
  26. Watch airplanes take off and land at McCarran Airport
  27. Watch fighter jets practice by parking near Nellis AFB
  28. Watch the Mirage Volcano Erupt
  29. Check out the Fall of Atlantis Fountain Show
  30. Watch a fashion show at Fashion Show Mall
  31. Watch the Cirque du Soleil show practice
  32. Get free TV show audience tickets for shows filmed in Las Vegas
  33. Take a photo in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign
  34. Visit the Healing Garden, a memorial to the 1 October shooting
  35. Walk around downtown Las Vegas, there's plenty to see!
  36. Hike the Historic Railway Tunnel Trail
  37. Walk through the Grand Canal Shops at the Venetian
  38. Check out the Silverton Aquarium (and the Bass Pro Shop aquariums next door)
  39. Take a dip in the Arizona Hot Springs
  40. Check out the public art exhibition at City Center
  41. Wander around the First Friday event, the first Friday of each month
  42. Wander around the Last Friday event, the last Friday of each month in Henderson
  43. Take a free tour of the Bangor Brewery
  44. Check out the Downtown Container Park
  45. Watch the Sunset Stampede Laser Light Show at Sam's Town
  46. Watch a free rodeo event at the Southpoint
  47. Take a hike (there are hundreds of trails around Las Vegas)
  48. Participate in the CBS Television Research Center at MGM
  49. Take the kids to the Anderson Dairy tour
  50. Take a free guided tour of the Shelby Museum
  51. Take the kids to one of the many free splash pads around the city
  52. Watch one of the many big annual events in Las Vegas which are free for spectators
  53. Watch the free Rainstorm Show at the Miracle Mile Shops
  54. Check out the Aviation Museum at McCarran Airport
  55. Check out the Acacia Demonstration Garden in Henderson
  56. Watch the Lake of Dreams Show at the Wynn
  57. Find all of the stars on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars
  58. Take a photo with a million dollars at Binions
  59. Take a tour of the Smith Center
  60. Go to Clark County Wetlands Park
  61. Go to the tour and wine tasting at the Pahrump Valley Winery
  62. Take a free tour of the Vegas PBS station
  63. Take a free tour of the Nevada National Security Site
  64. Visit the Akhob Art Installation
  65. Check out the world's largest gold nugget at the Golden Nugget
  66. Visit Symphony Park
  67. Go to the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop
  68. Check out all of the musical memorabilia at the Hard Rock
  69. Watch the Viva Vision Light Show
  70. Check out your family history at the Familysearch Genealogy Library
  71. Check out a piece of the Berlin Wall at the Main Street Station Casino
  72. Get a player's club card at all the casinos you visit (many come with free stuff)
  73. Visit the Brahma Shrine at Caesars Palace
  74. Watch a 3D Movie at M & M World
  75. Watch a free outdoor movie (generally shown in downtown Summerlin or the District at Green Valley during the summer)
  76. Take a day trip to Oatman (free shoot out shows, play with the donkeys, etc)
  77. Visit one of the many community parks around the Vegas valley
  78. Visit the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary
  79. Check out the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art
  80. Visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame
  81. Hop on the free Downtown Loop Bus
  82. Take the three free trams on the Strip
  83. Take any of the other free shuttles to get around the tourist areas
  84. Get a free library card (for both locals and tourists) then check out free books, e books, movies, and music
  85. Attend a free lecture event at the Mob Museum and receive a free entry pass to the museum afterwards
  86. Attend a free lecture at UNLV
  87. Walk around the free entry sections of the Springs Preserve
  88. Participate in the NDOW Free Fishing Day
  89. Watch people jump off the Stratosphere
  90. Take a day trip to Laughlin (free labyrinths, free riverwalk, free hiking trails to Davis Dam)
And here are 10 very inexpensive things to do in Las Vegas...
  1. Visit the Clark County Museum ($2)
  2. Visit the Old Las Vegas Fort Mormon Fort State Park ($1)
  3. Play bingo ($4)
  4. Go bowling after midnight ($1 per game)
  5. Watch a movie at the Tropicana Cinema ($3)
  6. Go to the Fantastic Swap Meet ($1)
  7. Go to the Broadacres Swap Meet ($1.50)
  8. Go swimming ($2)
  9. Play a game at the Pinball Hall of Fame ($1+)
  10. Have an old Vegas $1.99 breakfast at the Rainbow Club Casino
Finally, I'll list here some additional free/cheap finds:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Favorite Sports Book... at Red Rock Casino.  It is HUGE.  Lots of screens to watch a variety of sports, isn't too smoky, and the staff is really nice.

Friday, January 12, 2018

100 Cool, Weird, and Interesting Things in Las Vegas (Part 3 of 3)

And finally...

67.  The First Creek Hike is very cool--it looks like you are heading out into the dry desert but by going a bit off trail you will find an amazing grotto and waterfall.
68.  The Hoover Dam is an amazing feat of engineering and well worth a visit (be sure to hike from the dam bypass bridge down past the power station then over to the rooftop of the parking garage down to the main bridge).
69.  The Great Santa Run is a must-do when it comes to community fun runs.  Your entry gets you a Santa costume and you run with thousands of other Santas.  Fun!
70.  There are a few "you really shouldn't be doing that" activities around Vegas which makes me worry for people's safety including flying a fighter jet (with no flying experience) and racing sports cars (with no racing experience).
71.  We have an actual speakeasy in town, complete with hidden entry way and required password before you can even come in.  Check out Capo's Speakeasy for some pretty good Italian food.
72.  You can learn about the history of sex (!?!) at the Erotic Heritage Museum.
73.  One of the most shocking and most popular shows in Las Vegas (and either most loved or most hated depending on which reviews you read, my Mormon friends were horrified when they's rather vulgar and raunchy) is Absinthe.
74.  From the weird bars file, the Laundry Room in downtown Las Vegas has a hidden entrance, requires a secret password, and has a two hour maximum stay.
75.  They do unusual things with ice cream in Las Vegas, like making rolled ice cream, snow cream, and these monstrosities.
76.  Extreme eating is a thing in Las Vegas and there are plenty of restaurants here with their own extreme eating challenges.
77.  Did you know there is an ATM at the Linq...for cupcakes?
78.  Did you also know you can go surfing in the middle of the desert?  You can at the FlowRider at Planet Hollywood.
79.  I love the show Pawn Stars, unfortunately the line to get in the store is always so long I've never actually been in the store--but the show is great, kind of like Antiques Roadshow with attitude.
80.  My favorite museum in Las Vegas is the Clark County Museum--it definitely gave me flashbacks to the '50s era houses of my grandparents and their friends.
81.  If you are a certified diver you can swim with actual sharks at the Shark Reef Aquarium!
82.  The 52 Peaks Club sounds like it should be a bar but it is actually a hiking club that challenges members to climb all 52 (mountain) peaks around Las Vegas.
83.  In theory, people are only supposed to have "safe and sane" fireworks in Las Vegas, in actuality, many people buy commercial-grade fireworks in Moapa and launch them on New Yea'rs Eve and the 4th of July, rivaling anything the big casinos put on.
84.  There's your standard haunted houses around Halloween and then there are the really really scary terrifying haunted houses which you can find only at Freakling Brothers.
85.  Some people think watching guys in dresses is weird, some thing it's cool, but no matter which side you fall on, the Diva's Drag show is pretty amazing!
86.  Jousting definitely falls into the cool category, that's what makes the Tournament of Kings show so popular.
87.  If you are a fan of the Animal Planet show 'Tanked', you can tour the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the country--and maybe see the stars of the show--right here in Las Vegas.
88.  Apparently ax throwing is a thing now.  You can partake in this, um, interesting sport at Axehole.
89.  The Double Down Saloon is cool (their motto is 'shut up and drink') as well as weird (bacon martini anyone??).
90.  For some eye-opening--and very thorough--reviews of all things nude in Las Vegas (nude bars, topless pools, brothel reviews, etc) check out Topless Vegas.
91.  You can find foods from every country in Las Vegas, Ethiopian Food generally fulfills the cool, weird, and interesting definition for most people.
92.  For sheer coolness, it's hard to beat the Rise Lantern Festival--tens of thousands of lighted lanterns floating out over the desert is something not to be missed!
93.  A short road trip from Vegas will take you to Death Valley, one of the hottest places in the world where temps in the summer routinely hit 120 degrees!
94.  Route 50 is America's loneliest road and it cuts right through central Nevada.
95.  The Valley of Fire gives you a cool look at the region's fascinating geology.  Photographers love this place!
96.  Las Vegas Oddities is, well, odd and weird, and fascinating.  It's aptly called 'the weirdest little store in Vegas'.
97.  Escape Rooms are the in thing now and Vegas gives you plenty of options for these.
98.  The Las Vegas Marathon draws some of the best runners in the world.  This is a great event for participants and spectators alike.
99.  These are the funniest looking scooters but each day you can see them by the dozens heading out to Red Rock Canyon.  Cute!
100.  Urban exploring is a popular hobby in many places.  Check out these urban exploration resources for Las Vegas.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

100 Cool, Weird, and Interesting Things in Las Vegas (Part 2 of 3)

Moving right along...

34.  Marijuana is legal!  And there are plenty of dispensaries that will sell you some.
35.  If you go down Ft Apache and look towards the mountains you will see some huge caves.  They aren't really built or designated by anyone, they are just there.
36.  The Boulder Dam Hotel isn't just haunted, it's "ridiculously haunted".
37.  Check out Oatman, there are literally donkey everywhere (don't forget to bring food for them!).
38.  Jump off the Stratosphere; it's the tallest free-standing observation tower in the US at 1149 feet.
39.  On the other hand, you can always climb up all 1149 feet of the Strat (that's 112 floors!).
40.  The worst mass shooting in US history took place in Las Vegas.  While there is no memorial to the event there is a Healing Garden and the Historical Society has possession of all of the artifacts and crosses from the shooting which will occasionally be put on display.
41.  The Pioneer Saloon is part old west, part historical memorial, and part bar.  There are rumors that it is all haunted.  It's a fascinating place to check out.
42.  As far as graveyards go, I've seen better than the ones in Vegas but there are still some interesting celebrity graves to be found here.
43.  No visit to Vegas would be complete without a visit to the Mob Museum which features the infamous St Valentine's Day Massacre Wall.
44.  For a cool, Zen-like experience, head over to Laughlin and check out the labyrinths.
45.  It's a challenging hike but the Carol Lombard Crash Site on Mt Potosi is still a popular excursion for some fans.
46.  Did you know you can go fishing right next to McCarren International Airport and just a couple of miles from the Strip?  You can at Sunset Park!
47.  For a cool adventure (and a rewarding soak afterwards) take a hike out to the Arizona Hot Springs.
48.  No 'weird Las Vegas' list would be complete without a nod to the famous/infamous Area 51.
49.  Las Vegas is synonymous with marriage, here are 10 wild and crazy ways to get married in Vegas.
50.  Did you know that Las Vegas has a$5000(!!) hamburger?  It does.
51.  What's worse than clowns?  A clown motel!  What's worse than a clown motel?  A haunted cemetery right next to a clown motel!  eeekkkk
52.  Apparently you can be anything you want to be in Vegas...SWAT team member, CIA spook...
53.  Bauman Rare Books is the coolest bookstore I've ever been in.  First editions, signed copies, they have a little of everything here.
54.  In a city where you can literally get anything you want, you can't get lottery tickets.  You have to go to Primm for that.
55.  The Railroad Tunnel Trail is a great hike (just watch out for bats in the morning and evening).
56.  There are A LOT of old west style ghost towns near Las Vegas.  Check them out!
57.  Goldfield Nevada deserves its own mention here.  It's a ghost town, has a car forest, a haunted cemetery, and a museum.
58.  First Friday happens, well, the first Friday of every month and draws a little bit of everyone (from the very normal to the very odd) and every thing (art, displays, vendors, etc).
59.  If you are on Facebook you need to join El Nephy's group (People of Las Vegas) he is everywhere, all the time, and his photos are amazing.  At first I thought he was an Uber driver since he seems to be everywhere but a bit of Google-Fu shows he might be a body mover?
60.  For a very cool, very fascinating (and very long) day hike/ride check out the River Mountain Trail.
61.  For the very last of old Vegas' kitchy and cheap diner breakfasts, check out the Rainbow Casino Cafe's $1.99 breakfast special.  It is HUGE!
62.  It's 65 degrees and sunny outside this winter yet people are ice skating outside.  Best of both worlds I guess.
63.  Similarly, it can be 65 degrees and sunny in Las Vegas yet a short 40 minute drive to Mt Charleston can put you in an active snow ski area.
64.  Attending a major event in Las Vegas--with 100,000 other people--is no big deal here.  Las Vegas routinely draws hundreds of thousands of people to events ranging from CES to the Electric Daisy Carnival to the National Finals Rodeo.  Somehow it works.
65.  There are several websites and blogs that help you keep your fingers on the pulse of Las Vegas--from Vital Vegas, to Eater Vegas, to the Las Vegas Adviser.
66.  In a cross between cool, interesting, and OMG, at Dig This you don't even need a driver's license or driving experience to drive a bulldozer or backhoe!  eeekkk

Click her for the last part of the list.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

100 Cool, Weird, and Interesting Things in Las Vegas (Part 1 of 3)

Las Vegas is home to all kinds of crazy and unusual things.  Here's some stuff to check out to see the unusual side of Las Vegas...
  1. The Lou Ruvo Brain Injury Center.  So much irony here.
  2. The top-secret Janet Airlines flies out of Vegas.
  3. This is the most comprehensive Las Vegas weather site I've ever seen.
  4. We have a ghost town...under Lake Mead.
  5. We also have a haunted pet cemetery in Boulder City.
  6. A ways away from Las Vegas you will find Nevada's only micronation, Molossia.
  7. Las Vegas has a super secret, by-appointment-only art exhibit at City Center.
  8. The Wheel of Misfortune used to be an urban legend but now it is a quirky tourist attraction.
  9. My favorite TV show about Nevada is 'Outdoor Nevada'.
  10. People really do live under the city in storm drains.
  11. We have an observatory but it is off limits to all but LVAS members.
  12. When you go to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, ask to see the secret room.
  13. You can see a piece of the Berlin wall, in the men's restroom at the Main Street Station Casino.
  14. Find a bird sanctuary right on the Las Vegas Strip (it's out the back door at the Flamingo Hotel).
  15. The secret pizza place at the Cosmo used to be a secret, now not so much.
  16. You can pray for your immortal soul, go to confession, and take communion right on the Las Vegas Strip at the Guardian Angel Catholic Church.
  17. You can get a custom coffin made in--where else--Coffinwood just down the road in Pahrump.
  18. The closest legal brothel to Las Vegas features a hotel and restaurant (you don't have to partake of their other services).
  19. Find Devil's Hole just outside of Las Vegas at Ash Meadows.
  20. Machine guns are outlawed nearly everywhere but not in Nevada.  There are several places to shoot machine guns in Las Vegas.
  21. You can walk out over the Grand Canyon on a glass skywalk (eekk!).
  22. Want to do a marathon in Nevada in August?  Run the ET Full Moon Marathon!
  23. If you are looking for weird people, the Fremont Experience on a weekend night has more weird people per square mile than anywhere else in Vegas.
  24. For pure creepiness factor, the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum was pretty weird.
  25. The High Roller at the Linq is pretty cool--it is the largest observation wheel in the world.
  26. One would expect the Bodies Exhibit to be creepy but it is actually fascinating and very educational.
  27. There are several TV shows filmed in Las Vegas (American Ninja and Penn and Teller Fool Us to name a couple).  Find audience tickets to these shows here.
  28. While Cirque du Soleil tickets are much in demand (and pretty expensive) the public can watch their rehearsals for free!
  29. Take a ride on the new driverless shuttle in downtown Las Vegas!
  30. Seven Magic Mountains is...unusual.  A huge pile of painted rocks in the desert that draws visitors from all over.
  31. Although I've never been, apparently it is possible to do a ride along with Las Vegas Metro, one of the busiest police departments in the country.
  32. Las Vegas has a very active walking group and everyone is invited to tag along with them.
  33. I haven't been to Blackout Dining in the Dark either but the thought of eating an entire meal in the dark is just...weird.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

It's Raining in Vegas!

Today is the first time it has rained in Las Vegas since September 14!  That's 116 days of no rain but it is pouring now.  Nice!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Leche Flan

This is the easiest (and tastiest!) leche flan recipe ever...

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Caramelize one cup of sugar in the bottom of a heavy pan.  When the sugar turns brown and liquidy, spread it in the bottom of your leche flan pans (I use small, oblong, aluminum bread pans).

In a blender mix one can of evaporated milk, one can of condensed milk, four eggs, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla.  Put the mixture over the caramelized sugar in your leche flan pans.

Set your leche flan pans into a large glass baking dish and add hot water to make a water bath.  Cover the entire pan with aluminum foil and put it in the oven.  Bake for about an hour and a half until the centers are set.

When slightly cool, run a knife along the edges of the leche flan pans then flip the leche flan onto a serving dish.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Random Things in Downtown Vegas

And a bunch of random things from downtown Las Vegas...

...a pretty church...

...and old sign...

...a fluffy cactus...

...the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from 'Pawn Stars'...

...a sign embedded in the sidewalk...

...a free driver-less shuttle that will take you around downtown...

...and a 'Vegas Strong' sign.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Downtown Summerlin

Today I did my daily five mile walk around Downtown Summerlin.  This outdoor mall/community gathering place is on the far west side of Las Vegas.

It is located only a few miles from Red Rock Canyon...

And just behind the Red Rock Casino...

They have an ice skating rink in the winter...

A nice place to enjoy nature...

And places for kids to play...

They had this nice wishing wall...

And even a place to charge your electric car...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

So Much Graffiti

Downtown Las Vegas is full of graffiti.  Fortunately most of it is pretty cool...