Saturday, February 1, 2020

12k North Las Vegas Strip Walk

Today's club walk was a 12k along the north part of the Las Vegas Strip.  Perfect weather, lots to see, and it's Chinese New Year too!

Monday, January 20, 2020

10k at Sunset Park

Our walking group had a great walk at Sunset Park last Saturday.  The weather, as usual, was perfect!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Frugal Vegas: 50 Money-Saving Tips for Tourists

One of the most common questions tourists ask is "how can I save money on _____?"  Here's how a bit of planning and forethought can save tourists lots of money when they visit Las Vegas:

  1. To get from the airport to your hotel and back: walk (free, very slow, and not recommended in the summer), city bus (cheap, slow, and requires transfers), taxis (meh, they are known for long-hauling tourists but recently instituted a flat-rate to the Strip), Uber/Lyft (the best option for speedy service at a good price), shuttles (some hotels offer free airport shuttles, other shuttle services charge per person and can be a bit slow), renting a car (see #2), having a limo pick you up (fancy and, of course, costs more than the other options).
  2. Should you rent a car?  If you will only be on the Strip and/or Downtown, Uber and Lyft will save you money, especially on parking fees, and are much less hassle than driving yourself.  If you are staying way off-Strip or want to go around to many places, renting a car is a good option.  Some people only rent a car for a day or two during their vacation to Vegas so they can visit specific places like Valley of Fire/Red Rock Canyon/Hoover Dam since there are no public transit options to get to these places (except, of course, a very expensive Lyft/Uber ride).
  3. If you drive to/in Vegas, note that there are several places that do offer free parking.
  4. Hotels?  Calculate the total cost of your hotel to include: daily rate, taxes, daily resort fee, daily parking fee if you have a car, and cost for Uber/Lyft/taxi if you don't have a car.  Some hotels don't have resort fees, off-Strip hotels like Orleans and Sam's Town have free shuttles to the Strip (realize that Sam's Town is WAY off-Strip), and downtown hotels are good options too.  Hostel Cat is ridiculously cheap, and one of my favorite hotels is the LaQuinta Inn near the airport (no resort fee, free parking, free breakfast, and a free shuttle to the Strip).  Red Rock Resort is good if you intend to go to Red Rock Canyon frequently, South Point has loads of entertainment options, Green Valley Ranch Resort is a nice place to stay in Henderson, and center-Strip (Bellagio, Ballys, Caesars Palace, Linq/Flamingo) is where all the action is.  Other Strip hotels can range from cheap (Circus Circus and the Strat) to very very nice (Aria, Cosmo, Wynn).
  5. Consider alternative options like Air BnB and Vrbo for a place to stay as well as Turo for car rental.
  6. A few more money-saving tips for traveling here: use Google Flights to get the best airfare prices, travel with only one bag to avoid baggage fees, don't bring the kids (Vegas is a pretty adult-centric city), and leave your pets at home too (to avoid pet fees at hotels).
  7. On the way to your hotel consider stopping by the 99 Cent Store or other grocery store and buying bottled water, beverages, snacks, and even alcohol (beer, wine, and liquor is sold in grocery stores in Vegas).  This will save you a lot of money over buying these items from your hotel or at other on-Strip stores.
  8. Carry cash for tipping (tip your Uber/Lyft driver, the valet, the bellhop if they help you with your bags, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, dealers, etc.).  You can also tip when you check in to get a better room; it's called the $20 trick.
  9. If you need to get cash out of the ATM, casinos and strip clubs will charge a lot more for this service than off-Strip ATMs and banks.
  10. Speaking of strip clubs (not nightclubs on the Strip but the naked girls dancing type of clubs) find reviews of all things strip-club-related here.  And for the love of God, ALWAYS bring cash to the strip club and when your money is gone, leave.  Never bring your credit card to the strip club because bad things can happen when you do this (examples here and here).
  11. Do use your credit card to pay for your flight, room rental, car rental, restaurants, etc while in Vegas (you might as well earn cash back or air miles while you are on vacation).
  12. For entertainment, take advantage of the many free and inexpensive things Las Vegas has to offer.
  13. And if you want to see a great show, check out the Tix4Tonight kiosks around Las Vegas which offer highly discounted same-day show tickets.
  14. Bring a Las Vegas Entertainment Book with you for restaurant and entertainment discounts.
  15. Also check out the reddit Vegas weekly list of things to do for info on upcoming events and community activities.
  16. The Las Vegas Pass can give you discounts on many tourist-related activities.
  17. And for those who have never met a buffet they didn't like, some casino properties offer 24-hour buffet passes which can save you money.
  18. Pre-gaming is a thing before heading out to do some alcohol-related partying.  Since drinks in many upscale clubs can cost $20 each (!), people will often buy alcohol off-Strip and consume it in their hotel room before hitting the clubs, just to save money.
  19. Las Vegas aka "Sin City" can be a hedonistic paradise but all of this hedonism will cost (a lot) of money.  Prostitution is illegal (and sketchy as hell) in Las Vegas; however prostitution is legal about an hour away in Pahrump (and expensive, at least they give you a free ride there and back).  Marijuana is legal and dispensaries are located all over town (another expensive vice).  Las Vegas nightclubs can be ridiculously expensive but it possible to get in free (it helps to be young, female, and hot).
  20. If there is a show or an event that you absolutely have to see, consider buying a full-price ticket (lines may be hours long if you are trying to get in free at a nightclub with a top headliner and concerts and shows may not offer discounted tickets on very busy weekends).
  21. If your schedule is flexible, consider coming to Vegas when it isn't super busy.  Holiday weekends and weeks/weekends with huge conventions/events tend to increase the price of everything from hotels to flights to car rentals, etc. 
  22. Get a player's club card from each casino you visit; this can sometimes net you discounts on meals and if you use the card when you play slots or table games you can earn comp points for free meals/hotel stays/etc.
  23. Realize that pretty much everything will be more expensive on the Strip (restaurants, Starbucks, stores, alcohol, souvenirs, etc).
  24. Use coupons and other discounts including Groupon, MyVegas, and other discount resources to save money on a wide range of things in Vegas.
  25. Control your gambling.  Generally the table minimums are higher at upscale casinos than at off-Strip and downtown casinos.  An hour of bingo can be a cheap way to gamble (a basic bingo package costs about $7 and you get a couple of free drinks with it).  Poker tournaments can range from cheap to very expensive.
  26. Avoid shopping in Las Vegas unless you are going for big discount shopping (like the Goodwill).  Outlet shopping often isn't the great deal it is supposed to be.  And shopping at stores in the casinos will practically guarantee you pay top dollar for items you can get cheaper elsewhere.
  27. Consider planning your days in Las Vegas to include free/cheap activities with one or two big ticket activities.  You could go to a shooting range, a five-star dinner, a gondola ride, race a sports car, go for a helicopter flight over the Strip, and finish off the night at a high-end nightclub but that will literally cost you thousands.  By choosing your activities wisely you can save a lot of money and still have an enjoyable stay in Las Vegas.
  28. The same goes for eating while in Vegas.  You can go to fancy restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but having food in your room for breakfast, eating at In N Out Burger for lunch, having an amazing steak (for half off during happy hour!) at Herbs & Rye, then capping off the night with a late night special at a casino will save lots of money over the course of your visit.
  29. Always bring the ten essentials with you, these include: sun glasses, suntan lotion, a light jacket (casinos are always cold even in the middle of summer), a bottle of water, comfy walking shoes, snacks, cash, your cell phone, a hat (if you will be walking in the sun a lot), and a bag/daypack.
  30. If you can't walk far on your own, Vegas may not be for you.  You can literally walk a mile or more from casino to casino and even though everything on the Strip looks close, when walking, everything is generally a pretty long walk.  You can always Uber/Lyft from casino to casino and most casinos rent electric scooters if needed.
  31. The Fremont area is generally cheaper than the Strip for hotels, food, bars (lots of dive-type bars), and entertainment (lots of free concerts and a great overhead light show!).
  32. Many people want to hit the spa while they are in Vegas but realize this can be an expensive proposition.  Cheaper spa options include off-Strip massage places, the Imperial Spa, and off-Strip nail places.
  33. If you are into parks and nature, consider spending time off-Strip.  There are several National Parks in our area, several wonderful state parks, Mt Charleston and Red Rock Canyon have great hiking, the Henderson Bird Preserve is free as are hot springs and ghost towns, and further away, Oatman is a memorable place to visit.
  34. Depending on your circumstances, there are many free and cheap things to do in Vegas with kids, many things to do if you don't want to leave the downtown area, things to do if you enjoy particular hobbies, and many things to do if you are into the cool, weird, and interesting.
  35. Don't fall for scams while you are in Vegas (examples here, here, and here).  Seriously, if someone has to tell you three-card Monty is a scam, you probably shouldn't even come to Vegas.
  36. Always ask for discounts where ever you go.  Many places offer discounts if you have AAA, if you are a senior, if you are a veteran, if you are a first responder, etc.
  37. Don't fall for the timeshare sales spiel.  Many casinos have time share sales people who will promise a free buffet or free night's hotel stay if you go to a timeshare presentation.  These presentations take much longer than they say they will and you will get the super-hard sell from a number of sales people before you can gracefully/ungracefully extricate yourself from their clutches.  Plus if you end up buying into a timeshare, they are virtually impossible to get out of.
  38. To get around the Strip for free or cheap, consider using the free trams, the free shuttles, and the monorail.  You can also buy hourly, daily, and longer-term bus passes to get around for cheap.
  39. Las Vegas, aside from the Strip and Fremont area, is just like any other city.  Consider doing some "normal" activities while you are here which are surprisingly inexpensive like bowling, going to the movies, roller skating, ice skating, going to a drive-in movie, watching a pro baseball game/soccer game/football game (starting in late 2020)/hockey game, watching a college basketball game, etc.
  40. Consider doing research ahead of your visit, using local blogs and websites, to find the very latest news and information about happenings in Vegas.
  41. Take a quick look at this info, provided by our local police department, on how to stay safe as a tourist in Vegas.
  42. Don't get arrested in Las Vegas (it happens)! Here's what you should do if this does happen.
  43. For travels away from Las Vegas, consider cheap ways to get there like a Grayline Tour to Laughlin, and Megabus or FlixBus to get to LA or Phoenix.
  44. If you should win big in Vegas, consider the tax implications of this.
  45. If you should have some sort of crisis while in Vegas, here are several resources to consider.
  46. Bring enough money to splurge on at least one once-in-a-lifetime activity in Vegas (examples here, here, and here).
  47. If you come to Vegas to attend a big, expensive event like DefCon, the Electric Daisy Carnival, CES, etc, consider volunteering at the event; this often gives you a free pass to the entire event just for volunteering a couple of shifts.  Contact the individual event coordinator for more info on this.
  48. If you buy too much stuff while vacationing in Vegas, consider sending it back home via a USPS flat-rate box (around $15 to $20) instead of paying to check extra luggage (around $30 to $50).
  49. Lower your expectations.  People come to Vegas thinking it will be like the Hangover/Last Vegas/Casino/Oceans movies.  It's rarely so opulent (unless you have A LOT of money to spend) and getting all crazy/being continually drunk/partying 24-7 can kind of ruin your entire vacation.  A Vegas vacation is a marathon, not a sprint!
  50. My ten favorite (free) places on the Strip: the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat, the Bellagio Conservatory, Bauman Rare Books, the Guardian Angel Cathedral, watching people jump off the Strat, taking photos of all the cool things on the Strip, checking out the amazing public art behind the Aria, people watching at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, walking (this club has organized walks of the Strip), and watching the circus acts at Circus Circus.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Frugal Vegas: 50 Money-Saving Tips for Locals

There are so many ways for locals to save money in Las Vegas!
  1. See if you qualify for any of the Clark County tax exemption programs (this can save you a lot of money each year on your car registration).
  2. Consider filing a Homestead Declaration (this can save your home if your finances go south).
  3. Sign up for a player's card at every casino/casino group you go to.  Pretty soon your mail box will be filled with 2-for-1 buffet coupons and other deals from local casinos.
  4. Consider getting an annual Nevada State Parks pass (this can save a lot of money if you regularly visit our local state parks).
  5. Also consider getting a National Parks Pass if you regularly visit these parks; Las Vegas is within a day's drive of more than a half dozen national parks.
  6. If you don't visit often enough to buy an annual National Parks Pass, the NPS offers several free entrance days each year which allows you to visit Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, and all other NPS properties free of charge.
  7. If you like going to shows, consider getting an annual subscription to Fill a Seat and/or House Seats, both of which give you free show tickets every day of the year.
  8. Check out reddit Vegas for their weekly "what's happening" post which lists many free and low-cost community events each week.
  9. Las Vegas Groupon also has lots of deals and discounts for local restaurants and businesses.
  10. If you are a cord-cutter, buying a $20 OTA antenna can give you more than 50 channels of free TV!
  11. Take advantage of the freebies and discounts offered by our local utility companies including NV Energy, SW Gas, and the Las Vegas Valley Water District.
  12. Take advantage of all of the free and super cheap entertainment options the city offers.
  13. For discount shopping, Las Vegas has some great Goodwill stores and other thrift stores.
  14. For savings on food shopping, get the Albertsons and Smiths apps for your phone; each week these stores offer huge discounts only through their apps.
  15. Additional places to shop for discounts on groceries include 99 Cent stores, as well as ethnic stores like Seafood City, Cardenas, La Bonita, and Marianas.
  16. Las Vegas offers numerous programs for those in need, from food and housing assistance to free/cheap medical and legal assistance.
  17. Get a library card so you can take advantage of the numerous offerings from our amazing local library system (free books, free e-books, free movies, free classes, free events, etc).
  18. If you want to go on vacation, use Kayak Explore to find the cheapest airfare from Vegas to destinations all over the US and the world.
  19. For great deals on top-tier Las Vegas shows, visit a nearby Tix4Tonight kiosks (most same-day show tickets are half off through this service).
  20. If you do gamble (which isn't frugal at all) use your player's card to receive "comps/points" which can earn you free meals and other free things at casino properties.
  21. Need a pet?  The Animal Foundation has several days throughout the year when they offer free or reduced-price adoption fees for dogs, cats, and other creatures.
  22. Take a free CERT class; not only do you learn some really useful preparedness skills but at the end of the class they give you a free backpack full of emergency supplies that you can use during a disaster.
  23. For inexpensive travel, consider all of the discount bus services that run out of Las Vegas including MegaBus, Flix Bus, and Tufesa Bus.
  24. UNLV (our local university) offers lots of great free resources including free legal classes, free classes for seniors, a free museum, and free lectures and other events.
  25. If you have a high school student, they should definitely consider enrolling in UNLV's dual enrollment program which allows them to earn college credits (for free!) while also attending high school.
  26. Speaking of students, the Nevada Promise Scholarship helps students who reside in Nevada meet the financial challenge of attending college.
  27. If you want a quick way to earn money, there are all kinds of gig work opportunities from Uber/Lyft driving to temporary annual gigs like WSOP, to busking.
  28. If you don't need the money but still want to help out and be entertained, there are a myriad of volunteer opportunities (everything from volunteering at the Smith Center to helping out at annual shows like CES, Life is Beautiful, and the Electric Daisy Carnival).
  29. Always ask for a locals discount everywhere you go in Las Vegas.  
  30. Las Vegas tap water tastes awful.  It's well worth the money to look into bottled water (expensive), water filters (varies), and/or filling up your five-gallon water bottles at the filtered water machines in front of grocery stores (cheap).
  31. Las Vegas has nearly every chain restaurant you can think of.  With that in mind, sign up for all of these birthday freebies and you will get a barrage of emails for free stuff during your birthday week!
  32. The ever-popular Entertainment Book is usually pretty cheap (and often discounted) and contains hundreds of buy-one-get-one-free coupons for all kinds restaurants and services in Las Vegas.
  33. Our local health district offers a huge list of childhood vaccines free of charge to children who are uninsured/underinsured.  For adults, there are several places to get reduced-cost vaccines.
  34. If camping is your thing, there are several places to camp for free in and near Las Vegas (examples here, here, and here).
  35. A general money-saving tip for Las Vegas aka "Sin City", get a handle on your vices--gambling, marijuana, drugs, prostitutes, alcohol, etc.  If you can't resist your vices, you can easily bankrupt yourself here.
  36. If you go to the Strip (many locals avoid the Strip like the plague) know where you can park for free.
  37. Want to enjoy free activities and meet new people at the same time?  There are many meet-up groups around Las Vegas for every kind of activity you can think of.
  38. There are several Park & Ride locations around Las Vegas that allow you to park your car for a week or more, for free, then take a bus to the airport.
  39. Call around and compare the cost of car insurance every year or so.  Car insurance is ridiculously expensive here so comparing prices for various insurance companies can save a lot of money.
  40. Speaking of transportation, if owning a car is too expensive, monthly bus passes are down right cheap.
  41. Never leave home without the "10 essentials" or you will end up buying duplicates (and wasting money).  These include: sunglasses, suntan lotion, a bottle of water, comfy walking shoes, snacks/lunch, a bag/daypack, a lightweight jacket (casinos are cold year-round), a hat (if you will be out in the sun for very long), cash (for random tipping), and your cell phone.
  42. Burglaries are quite common in Las Vegas so check out these simple tips from Metro to make your home more secure on the cheap.
  43. Instead of a vacation, consider a stay-cation.  Las Vegas, is, of course, excellent for this as are other nearby towns including Boulder City, Mesquite, Pahrump, and Laughlin.
  44. For an enjoyable, free way to entertain the kids, visit any of the long list of community parks in Las Vegas.  From water pads to dog parks to swimming facilities to parks where you can fish, the city has all kinds of interesting and fun parks to enjoy.
  45. Note that your best deals on food and beverages will be off-Strip.  Starbucks is cheaper off-Strip, fast food is cheaper off-Strip, buffets are cheaper off-Strip, up-scale restaurants are cheaper off-Strip, ditto bars, nightclubs, etc.
  46. Interesting shopping to check out: Goodwill Clearance Center, Fantastic Swap Meet, Broadacres Marketplace, and the North and South Premium Outlet Malls.  
  47. For those in need: free Narcan, free/cheap sexual health clinic, free condoms and birth control, and free/low-cost mental health services
  48. There are several TV shows taped in Las Vegas throughout the year, be in the audience by getting tickets here.
  49. And a few safety tips (to save money on hospital bills!): don't jaywalk (lots of pedestrians are killed each year on Las Vegas roads doing this), even when crossing at a light watch for traffic that may not be paying attention, be extra careful if you ride a motorcycle (drivers here are a huge threat to motorcyclists), wait a second or two before proceeding through a green light (Vegas drivers are notorious red-light runners), avoid road rage (another common problem in Las Vegas), and get a dashcam (in many car accidents it's one driver's word against another).
  50. On a random note, some of my favorite places in Las Vegas with good prices and great service: CCUE Massage, AA Auto Care on Warm Springs, Archi's Thai on Rainbow, Imperial Spa, Ping Pang Pong, and Lovely Nails.   

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Peccole Ranch Trail

I did a 4.5 mile walk today on the Peccole Ranch Trail near Red Rock Casino.  It's a nice trail, through a nice neighborhood, which also doubles as a disc golf course.  My only slight issue with the trail is that one section of the trail ends at Hualapai Blvd with no way to cross this busy, six-lane road so you have to go way out of your way to the traffic light to cross the street then head all the way back down the road to pick up the trail again (in other sections there are pedestrian underpasses to connect the trail!).

Saturday, January 4, 2020

7 Hills 10k

Our first group walk of the year was around 7 Hills in Henderson this morning.  Beautiful day as usual (LOVE the weather in Vegas), and we could even see the newly built Raiders practice stadium...

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Downtown Las Vegas Street Art

The downtown Fremont area is a fabulous place to take pictures...there is so much street art as well as exhibits left over from last summer's Life is Beautiful Festival!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Green Valley Ranch 10k

Today's 10k was a volksmarch around the Green Valley Ranch/Henderson area.  Even though it was a bit cloudy and overcast, the weather was, of course, perfect for walking!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sunset Park 10k

What a great day for a walk!  It's the end of November but still warm and sunny outside--perfect weather for a volksmarch!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

50 Resources for Veterans in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a pretty good place for military veterans to retire.  Besides great weather and unlimited things to do, there are also plenty of resources for vets here including...

  1. A big VA Hospital in North Las Vegas
  2. As well as lots of VA clinics around the valley
  3. There is the Nellis AFB Hospital 
  4. And the huge Nellis Air Force Base with all kinds of amenities 
  5. Nellis AFB also has a Space A Terminal
  6. And there is a USO at McCarran Airport
  7. The Southern Nevada State Veterans Home is located in Boulder City
  8. As is the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery
  9. Clark County offers a great tax exemption program for vets
  10. The Nevada Department of Veterans Services is located in North Las Vegas (in the VA hospital campus)
  11. The Henderson Vet Center is another good resource
  12. For vets in need, Veterans Village is a great resource
  13. US Vets is another local non profit which helps out veterans
  14. Honor Flight Southern Nevada offers a wonderful program for vets
  15. And here is a huge list of local businesses that give discounts to vets
  16. Here is a huge list of VA benefits for the vet and their family members
  17. The local Salvation Army offers veterans services
  18. The state of Nevada has a Veterans Jobs Coordinator office
  19. And this is one of many veterans job boards
  20. The SBA has an Office of Veterans Business Development program
  21. UNLV has a Veterans Service Center as does CSN
  22. The Veterans Crisis Line can be found either online or by calling 800-273-8255 (for suicide and other mental health concerns)
  23. Homeless veterans can find services here
  24. And the local 211 line can connect vets in need with services in the community
  25. Emergency assistance for homeless veterans can be found here
  26. Patriot Place is a housing community for low income vets
  27. Stations Casinos offers several discounts for vets through their Military Monday program
  28. Caesars Casinos offers a similar program
  29. And MGM Resorts offers a similar discount program for vets too
  30. Several casino buffets in Las Vegas offer free buffets to vets on Veterans Day and Memorial Day
  31. Legal assistance for vets can be found at the Nellis AFB legal office or through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
  32. The Veterans Transition Resource Centers offers assistance programs for new vets
  33. The Nevada American Legion offers several resources for vets
  34. You can find a local VFW Post here
  35. And here is another long list of veterans services and resources
  36. The Goodwill of Southern Nevada has a Veterans Integration Program
  37. Here is a list of veterans jobs and military job transition programs
  38. The VA Home Loan program is a great benefit available to vets
  39. USAA offers several banking and financial services to vets and military members
  40. Military One Source offers a range of info and resources for vets
  41. Heath and fitness resources for the military community can be found on the government's HHS page
  42. The government's SAMHSA page offers a number of mental health resources for vets 
  43. The Red Cross offers specialized services for military and vets
  44. There are always vet-related community events going on in Las Vegas, from fun runs to parades to appreciation events and more
  45. is a great resource for both active duty personnel and vets
  46. As is the Department of Defense's resource page
  47. has a military assistance page
  48. And this is yet another great list of resources for vets
  49. Ditto this list of veterans resources
  50. Finally, reddit has a good military bulletin board (be sure to check the sidebar for related sub-reddits)

Monday, September 23, 2019

Downtown Vegas 10k

It was a perfect day for a 10k volksmarch in downtown Las Vegas today (well almost perfect, there was still a lot of deconstruction of the Life is Beautiful venue happening which detoured a few parts of the walk)...sunny, breezy, and busy with lots of tourists!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

7 Hills 10k

It was a beautiful day for a 10k walk around the Seven Hills area of Henderson.  The weather was 80 degrees (a big improvement over the last walk which was 101 when we finished) and the trails were great (Henderson has miles and miles of great trails!).

Monday, September 16, 2019

Las Vegas Community Safety Forums

The monthly Community Safety Forums offered at the Mob Museum are a great way to both learn some new and useful information as well as get a free entry to the Mob Museum after the event (that's a $17 savings per person for locals!).  You can reserve a spot by clicking on the Mob Museum events page for the forum you want to attend.