Tuesday, March 19, 2019

100 Things to Do In Downtown Las Vegas

There are so many things to do in downtown Las Vegas that you could spend your entire vacation in Vegas and never leave downtown!
  1. Shop at the North Premium Outlet Mall.
  2. Take your kids to the Discovery Children's Museum.
  3. Visit the famous Mob Museum.
  4. Take a ride on the free Downtown Loop.
  5. Watch a show at the Smith Center.
  6. Check out Symphony Park.
  7. Visit the LV Community Healing Garden.
  8. Visit the World's Largest Working Fire Hydrant.
  9. Find your roots at the Las Vegas Family Search Genealogy Library.
  10. Check out the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.
  11. Visit the Downtown Container Park.
  12. Go ziplining on the Slotzilla Zip Line.
  13. Have a drink at the ultra secret Laundry Room.
  14. Check out the Poker Hall of Fame at Binions.
  15. Transit around downtown on a RTC Bike Share bike.
  16. Check out the world's second largest golden nugget at the Golden Nugget.
  17. Take a photo with a million dollars at Binion's.
  18. Attend a free community safety forum at the Mob Museum (entrance to the museum is free if you attend this monthly event).
  19. Watch the Viva Vision Light Show.
  20. Tour the Shark Tank at the Golden Nugget.
  21. Visit the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Park.
  22. Go swimming at the City of Las Vegas Municipal Pool.
  23. Attend the First Friday Monthly Art Festival.
  24. Visit the amazing Neon Museum.
  25. Attend a Downtown Rocks Free Concert.
  26. Check out the old Las Vegas High School, one of the best examples of Art Deco in Las Vegas.
  27. Throw axes at Axhole.
  28. Visit the El Cortez Casino and Hotel it's the oldest continually operating casino in Las Vegas.
  29. Play bingo at The Plaza.
  30. Attend the annual Life is Beautiful Art and Music Festival.
  31. Wander around the 18b Arts District.
  32. Stay at the unique Hostel Cat.
  33. Do the Fremont Street Bar Crawl.
  34. Attend the Las Vegas Book Festival.
  35. See a chunk of the Blarney Stone at The D.
  36. Watch the Helldorado Parade.
  37. Attend an event at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.
  38. Check out the Historical Fifth Street School which is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  39. Visit the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.
  40. Have a drink at some of the many unique and interesting bars in downtown Las Vegas.
  41. Visit the Gambler's General Store, the world's largest gaming supply store.
  42. Check out the art exhibits in the Clark County Government Center's Rotunda.
  43. Watch the buskers and other live entertainers featured daily under the Fremont canopy.
  44. See a piece of the famous Berlin Wall.
  45. Check out the summer pool scene in downtown Las Vegas.
  46. Get married at Denny's.
  47. Visit St Joan of Ark, the oldest Catholic Church in Las Vegas.
  48. Participate in The Color Run, an annual downtown running event.
  49. Watch the annual Pride Parade.
  50. Celebrate New Year's Eve at the Fremont.
  51. Check out the Burlesque Hall of Fame.
  52. Visit the Woodlawn Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Las Vegas.
  53. Go gambling at one of the many casinos on Fremont.
  54. Watch the trains from the downtown pedestrian bridge.
  55. Check out the Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel, the oldest wedding chapel in Las Vegas.
  56. Visit the Cannabiton Cannabis Museum.
  57. Take photos of the (very) unique Lou Ruvo Center.
  58. Check out the antiques collection at the Main Street Station Casino.
  59. Find the 18 bronze medallions embedded in Fremont Street which tell about the history of Las Vegas.
  60. Have a classic steak dinner at a downtown Las Vegas steakhouse.
  61. View the World's Largest Pint Glass at Hennessey's.
  62. Watch a movie at The Dome.
  63. Take a tour at Banger Brewing.
  64. Attend an event at the Las Vegas Library.
  65. Take a free tour of the Smith Center.
  66. Do a free slot pull.
  67. Take a photo of flames shooting from the Praying Mantis in front of the Container Park.
  68. Weight yourself, then eat, at the Heart Attack Grill (or vice versa).
  69. Take a Big Bus Tour of downtown Las Vegas.
  70. Watch a Las Vegas Lights soccer game.
  71. Take a ride on the Driverless Shuttle.
  72. Get a massage at Happy Feet.
  73. Take a photo of the five million square foot World Market Center.
  74. Check out Pawn Plaza which is next to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.
  75. Take a tour of Zappos.
  76. Check out Tony Hsieh's Llamapolis.
  77. Go to the Fear the Walking Dead Survival Attraction.
  78. Check out the World's Largest Keno Board at The D.
  79. Take a photo of Vegas Vic, the world's largest mechanical cowboy sign.
  80. Wander around Neonopolis.
  81. "Lock your love" on the Love Lock heart in front of the Container Park.
  82. Visit the Golden Gate Casino and Hotel, the oldest casino in Las Vegas.
  83. Eat at one of the many pizza restaurants in downtown Las Vegas.
  84. Take a photo in front of the 'Welcome to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas' sign at the base of Slotzilla.
  85. Visit Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum.
  86. Rub the Lucky Buddha at the California Hotel and Casino.
  87. Take a walking tour of downtown Las Vegas.
  88. Collect pressed pennies from various locations around downtown Las Vegas.
  89. Take a food tour of downtown Las Vegas.
  90. Visit Atomic Liquors, Las Vegas's oldest freestanding bar.
  91. Watch a movie at the Eclipse Theater.
  92. Play the last remaining Sigma Derby Machine at The D.
  93. Watch a federal, state, county, township, or city court trial.
  94. Go antiquing.
  95. Have a picnic at Heritage Park or across the street at Lions Memorial Park.
  96. Attend an event at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.
  97. Visit the Downtown 3rd Farmer's Market.
  98. Attend the annual Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival.
  99. Take a free gaming lesson at the Golden Nugget.
  100. Play eSports at the Downtown Grand.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Walking the South Las Vegas Strip

Our volksmarching club had a great 11k walk this morning along the South Las Vegas Strip!

Thursday, February 21, 2019


It snowed in Las Vegas today!  This week has seen the first significant snowfall in more than a decade so it made the local news (several times) as well as the national news.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Around Las Vegas This Week

...random USA signs...

...a "pub crawl" of sorts where passengers drink as they motor around downtown...

...old parking meters that collect change for the homeless...



...and snow!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

More Graffiti in Downtown Las Vegas

It seems like around every corner in downtown Las Vegas you will find more examples of cool art and graffiti!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Walking the North Las Vegas Strip

Of course there is always so much to see, it's a great place to walk (early in the morning before the tourists are out!)...

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Las Vegas CERT

A wonderful opportunity for everyone, whether you live in Las Vegas or not as there are CERT classes all over the US, is taking a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training.  This is a quick, two-day class that teaches you all kinds of useful emergency skills from basic trauma triage and first aid to how to spot possible terrorist activity and how to turn off your natural gas after and earthquake.  Besides all of the great information, you get a big bag of emergency gear when you complete the class and best of all, the class and the gear are absolutely free!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Today In Downtown Las Vegas...

...You can watch the new Circa Hotel and Casino being built (note, it's just a hole in the ground right now)...

...the Fremont Street Experience was pretty quiet this morning...

...the El Cortez was the same as it has been since 1941 (it's the oldest continually operating hotel/casino in Las Vegas!)...

...there was no line at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop!

...you can find random works of graffiti art everywhere...

...all was quiet at the Graceland Wedding Chapel

...and it looks like pool refurbishing time at the Golden Nugget...

Friday, January 11, 2019

Silver Dollar BMX Nationals

It was a fun day at the Southpoint Arena today where the 2019 Silver Dollar BMX Nationals were taking place!