Tuesday, December 12, 2017

South Strip Walk

It's Christmas in Vegas, there are cowboys everywhere (National Finals Rodeo is this week), and the Strip is dressed up for the holidays--it was the perfect day for an 11k South Strip volksmarch!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Oatman, AZ

We headed over to Oatman today to see if the stories about the old western town with all of the roaming donkeys was actually real.  Turns out it is!  Oatman is a very small, very old, desert town which is now a very popular tourist attraction.

...park in the first parking lot on the right that you see when you come into town, street parking is packed with tourists...  

...be sure to read about Olive Oatman, it's an interesting story...

...the hotel was interesting (and really old!)...

...there were donkeys everywhere...

...and of course they made traffic wait until like they felt like moving to the side of the street...

...the hotel also has an interesting history....

...and this bar attached to the hotel has hundreds and hundreds of dollar bills stuck to everything (ceiling, walls, etc)...

...we got to watch a wild west gun fight in progress...

...and people come out and decorate the road leading into Oatman (for literally miles and miles) for the holidays!

Laughlin Labyrinths

The main reason I wanted to stop by Laughlin on our trek to Oatman today was to find the labyrinths.  There have been rumors about these labyrinths but we had never seen them (fortunately Google maps will now take you right to them).  Someone has put in A LOT of work on these!  When you see the purple sign off to the side of the road you will know you have found the place.

Laughlin, NV

Today we headed through Laughlin on our trip to Oatman.  Laughlin is the perfect day trip from Vegas because it is a cute little town, it is right on the Colorado River, and it is only about 90 miles from Las Vegas.  Today was the first time I had ever see sheep grazing on the outskirts of town (?!?).  Someone said the sheep were overwintered in Laughlin but it was still a pretty shocking sight!  And of course we made our usual stop at In N Out.

Big Bend of the Colorado State Park

On our trip through Laughlin today we stopped by the Big Bend of the Colorado State Park to get our state parks books stamped (if we visit all of the parks we will get a free annual pass for the following year!).  The weather was perfect--about 75 degrees and sunny--yet no one was at the park which was kind of weird.  Anyway, it was really pretty as always...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort

We ran by the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort today to pick up our annual park pass.  The fort is small but offers a nice lesson in early Las Vegas history (and at $1 for entry without an annual pass, this is one of the best bargains in Las Vegas!).

What's a Dragon Fruit???

I've passed these odd looking fruit by in the store so often that today I finally decided to try one.  It's called a Dragon Fruit, and fortunately YouTube has enough videos on these odd looking fruits that there wasn't much mystery about what to do with it.  Simply cut it open and eat the inside.  It was odd looking but didn't have a lot of taste--kind of like a cross between a berry and a kiwi.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Clark County Museum

I've been meaning to get over to the Clark County Museum for some time so finally today we took a quick trip to the far side of Henderson to check it out.  I can't believe we have been here for sixish years and haven't been to this wonderful museum!

There are so many cool things about this museum.  The head of the museum makes frequent appearances on Pawn Stars but unfortunately he wasn't there today.  The lady at the desk said he is getting quite famous though.

The museum is the temporary home of the #VegasStrong memorial which includes crosses for each of the people killed during the 1 October mass shooting on the Vegas Strip.

There are tons of historic artifacts at the museum including regular exhibit stuff as well as old buildings (and even an old outhouse!).

On the other side of the outdoor exhibits are a half dozen historic houses and buildings that have been moved to the museum property in their entirety (it was like a trip down memory lane as many of the 1930s-1950s exhibits in the houses of everyday items reminded me of my grandparent's house!).