Friday, June 5, 2020


With only a few  of Las Vegas's many bingo halls open so far, we decided to try our luck at the South Point Casino bingo room today.  And while we didn't win, it was still an entertaining way to spend an hour!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

World's Largest (?) Golden Nugget

At the Golden Nugget Casino you will find...the world's largest (or maybe second largest?) golden nugget in existence on display.  It's called the 'Hand of Faith' golden nugget and weighs a whopping 61 pounds!  It's an interesting little display towards the back of the casino and something to check out on your trip down Fremont Street.

Binion's Poker Hall of Fame

The famous "Poker Hall of Fame" at the Binion's Casino in downtown Las Vegas is...slowly dwindling away?  We went to check it out today and what was once a large poker room which hosted international poker tournaments is now a small wall of photos of famous poker players.  Although this was where the World Series of Poker first began, the poker tournaments are long gone and so is the actual poker room.

The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

Today we walked through the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, the oldest hotel and casino in Las Vegas.  Although it has been remodeled several times since its 1906 opening, it is still small and oldish looking.  Sadly, their famous 99 cent shrimp cocktail special is long gone, but it is still an interesting place to check out, it was the first place in Las Vegas to get a telephone, and there are many pictures on their walls celebrating the famous people who used to hand out there.

The Goodwill

One of my most favorite places to shop in all of Las Vegas is...the Goodwill!  You never know what you will find here--everything from run-of-the-mill home decor to Las Vegas show costumes to wildly underpriced unusual things (we got a $300 Magic Sing for $25 once).  Because Las Vegas is so transient, people use the Goodwill to get rid of all kinds of things before they move so it's like a treasure hunt every time we shop here!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

International Marketplace

This huge, multi-ethnic grocery store is one of my favorite places to shop!  The International Marketplace is indeed international--they have food products from nearly every country in the world--as well as a fish market, big produce section, and they even sell small home goods like rice cookers, lots of frozen food (yum mochi ice cream!), imported dessert delicacies, and oodles of cooking equipment (Japanese lacquer bowls, woks in every size, steamers, tiffins, etc).  It's a great place to check out!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Now that Las Vegas is starting to reopen, we were happy to see that the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden was one one of the earlier businesses to open up to the public.  This place is a great (free!) Las Vegas attraction and includes a short factory tour, samples (but not today due to the covid situation), and a really pretty cactus garden that visitors can tour.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Las Vegas Strip Is Shut Down

A couple days ago the governor of Las Vegas ordered all casinos and other non-essential businesses to shut down due to the coronavirus.  If not for everyone driving down the Strip taking pictures of the shuttered casinos, there wouldn't be anyone on the Strip!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Just to the west of Las Vegas is the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.  They have all kinds of activities happening at the park on weekend, lots of hiking trails, beautiful views, and a very interesting--and very historic--ranch house to explore (hint--ask for a tour of the secret room if you go!).