Saturday, September 5, 2020

75 Las Vegas Entertainment Options During the Pandemic

"Normal" Las Vegas may be long gone due to the pandemic (no shows, no concerts, no nightclubs...basically none of the things that make Vegas "Vegas") but there is still plenty to do here!

  1. Go to Red Rock Canyon.
  2. Have a picnic at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.
  3. Go to the drive-in movies.
  4. Go to Sunset Park.
  5. Go to Floyd Lamb Park.
  6. Visit Lake Mead.
  7. Find the 'Wheel of Misfortune'.
  8. Check out the Valley of Fire State Park.
  9. Hike--or bike--the trails around Henderson.
  10. Take a photo at the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign.
  11. Watch the Bellagio Fountain show.
  12. Walk the famous Las Vegas Strip.
  13. Bicycle the River Mountains Loop Trail.
  14. Pick your own fruit and vegetables at the Gilcrease Orchard.
  15. Walk around (and photograph!) the historic downtown Fremont area.
  16. Check out famous graves around Las Vegas.
  17. Visit the Ethel M Cactus Garden.
  18. Visit the 7 Magic Mountains exhibit.
  19. Go up to Mt Charleston.
  20. Check out the petroglyphs at Sloan Canyon.
  21. Drive into the desert and watch a meteor shower.
  22. Climb up to the top of Exploration Peak.
  23. Go hiking at one of the many hiking trails around Las Vegas.
  24. Visit the Henderson Bird Preserve.
  25. Take a trip out to the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.
  26. Watch the fighter jets practice near Nellis AFB.
  27. Take a drive out to the famous Area 51.
  28. Take a day trip to Laughlin for hiking, the labyrinths, and jet skiing.
  29. As long as you are in Laughlin, take a side trip to Oatman.
  30. Visit the wonderful Clark County Museum.
  31. Check out the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
  32. Enjoy socially-distanced casino activities like bingo and bowling.
  33. Visit the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden.
  34. Experience farm life at the Las Vegas Farm.
  35. Visit one of the many community parks around Las Vegas.
  36. Check out the historic town of Goodsprings.
  37. Rent a dirt bike or ATV and go off-roading in the desert near Las Vegas.
  38. Visit the old Nelson Ghost Town and/or go cliff jumping at Nelson's Landing.
  39. Go to the Neon Museum; displays are outdoors and lit up at night.
  40. Take a day trip to the China Ranch Date Farm.
  41. Experience a natural hot springs (Arizona and Gold Strike are nearest to Las Vegas).
  42. Take a day trip to the famous Death Valley National Park.
  43. Have fun at a local skatepark or splashpad.
  44.  Go fishing!
  45. Take a day trip to the historic town of Tonopah.
  46. Take a tour around Las Vegas and check out all of the outdoor public art around the city.
  47. Go on a volksmarch.
  48. Go geocaching around the city.
  49. Try urban exploring around the city.
  50. Go golfing at one of the many courses in the area.
  51. Eat outdoors at places like food trucks, the Road Kill Grill, Pops, and other outdoor restaurants.
  52. Check out the kitschy burger and outdoor movie place Burger 51.
  53. Find all of the sidewalk medallions in downtown Las Vegas which commemorate various historic events in the city.
  54. Visit Boulder City and check out their parks and even a haunted pet cemetery.
  55. Check out the Las Vegas 'Walk of Stars' along the Las Vegas Strip.
  56. Visit the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.
  57. To go further afield, check out Cathedral Gorge State Park, Goldfield, and Rhyolite.
  58. Take a long day trip to visit Zion National Park or the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  59. Go horseback riding.
  60. Even more extreme, go camel riding!
  61. Go shooting at the outdoor Clark County Shooting Complex.
  62. Watch the airplanes take off and land at McCarran Airport.
  63. Visit local gardens like the UNLV Xeric Garden, the Acacia Demonstration Gardens, or the Springs Preserve.
  64. Go dune sledding at the Kelso Dunes, the third tallest sand dunes in North America.
  65. Visit the outdoor Broadacres Swap Meet.
  66. Visit the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Park.  If you plan to visit many state parks in Nevada, be sure to check out their passport program!
  67. Hunt down unique things in Las Vegas like the world's largest working fire hydrant, the world's largest gas station, and the world's tallest ferris wheel.
  68. Go camping at one of the many camp grounds or RV parks near Las Vegas.
  69. Pick up a hobby like drone flying, metal detecting, or astronomy.
  70. Do a virtual Vegas tour/activity with the Mob Museum, LVMPD, or with local bloggers.
  71. Check out the 18b Arts District in downtown Las Vegas for outdoor art installations, graffiti art, and art-related events.
  72. Photograph unique places in Las Vegas like Symphony Park, the Lou Ruvo building, and the Strat.
  73. Gamble legally, online, for money instead of playing at an actual casino (examples here, here, and here).
  74. Go go-karting at the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix.
  75. Enjoy socially distanced indoor activities like the Pinball Hall of Fame, Top Golf, or the Discovery Children's Museum.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

10 Fabulous Las Vegas Webcams

Even if you can't make it to Vegas (or as in the case of the last several months, are home-bound due to the pandemic) you can still see what is going on around Las Vegas via the many webcams set up throughout the city!

  1. The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign webcam is always interesting to check out as there are always people there taking their pictures in front of the sign.
  2. The Bellagio Conservatory gets dressed up for every season and even if you can't make it in person, you can see the cool displays via their webcam.
  3. The Mt Charleston weather cam is a great way to see what's going on up in the mountains. It's especially nice to watch when it starts snowing up there!
  4. Did you know that Las Vegas is covered in traffic cams which allows you to check out the traffic anywhere in the city via the internet?
  5. Although gatherings still haven't resumed, the Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has a webcam that allows you to peek on in weddings that are taking place at their venue.
  6. The Las Vegas Raider's Allegiant Stadium has a live webcam that started when construction first began on the stadium and continues to broadcast today.
  7. Our local desert tortoises have their own webcam so you can check out their activities when they are out and about in their habitat.
  8. Another busy webcam is located at the Fremont Street Experience which has people wandering around all hours of the day and night there.
  9. Did you know that in addition to having traffic cams all over the city, there are also several weather cams placed at strategic locations all over the city?
  10. Finally, here is a live webcam on the famous Las Vegas Strip!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Vegas Vic

This is Vegas Vic, a giant neon cowboy that looms above the Fremont Experience next to the Pioneer Casino.  He looks better lit up at night and is part of the atmosphere of the area where he has been for decades.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Container Park

The Downtown Container Park is a popular venue in downtown Las Vegas which features restaurants and retail areas, children's play areas and an area where local bands play, a fire breathing dragon, as well as a lot of cool art.  It's a great place to check out when you are in the Fremont area!

The World's Largest Working Fire Hydrant

Another attraction not to be missed when you go to the downtown Fremont area of Las Vegas is the world's largest working fire hydrant located, where else, but at a dog park on Fremont Street!  The hydrant is 15 feet tall and it is yet another unique (free) tourist attraction to check out.

El Cortez Casino and Hotel

In downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street, you will find the El Cortez Hotel and Casino, the oldest continually operating hotel and casino in Las Vegas (as opposed to the oldest hotel or oldest building in Las Vegas).  It's a small place, and looks ancient from the outside but the employees are friendly and the games are, of course, modern.

Downtown Vegas Sidewalk Medallions

A unique little historical tour around the downtown Fremont area can be found in the 18 bronze sidewalk medallions which commemorate various aspects of Las Vegas' history.  While someone definitely needs to clean the sidewalks downtown(!), I was still able to photograph several of these medallions as I walked around the Fremont area.


World's Largest Pint Glass

This is the World's Largest Pint Glass, sitting on top of the Hennessey Tavern on Fremont Street.  I'm not sure why or when or how this unusual landmark came to be, it is an interesting place for a photo op none-the-less!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Nevada State Veterans Memorial

For as many times as we have been to the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort, we never wandered right across the street to check out the Nevada State Veterans Memorial.  This is a very cool little park in front of the Grant Sawyer Building which features larger-than-life statue of servicemen from each war the US has been in, against black granite(?) background walls with quotes from famous leaders on them.  It's a quiet, contemplative place that is definitely worth a trip to visit!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Las Vegas 18b Arts District

The 18b Arts District in downtown Las Vegas is a colorful--and photogenic--place to check out.  While a few of the houses which always sport a new coat of artistic graffiti look like they were tagged by the recent protesters, there are still quite a few murals to see and photograph here.  This is also the area that hosts the monthly First Friday Arts Festival.

Las Vegas Community Healing Garden

The Las Vegas Community Healing Garden was built in record time right after the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.  This is a pretty outdoor memorial garden that is always calm, relaxing, and a great place to take a short stroll to check out all of the individual memorials.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Benny Binion Statue

I've always wondered why the Benny Binion statue at the South Point Casino was located there instead of at the Binion Casino in downtown Las Vegas.  Apparently there is a whole story behind moving the statue to the equestrian center at the South Point in order to have it be part of a rodeo display there.  Anyway, it's a great photo op!

Sunset Park

Sunset Park, located right across from the airport in Las Vegas, is a great urban park!  There's something for everyone there from fishing to disc golf to outdoor volley ball to hiking trails to a kid's playground and splash's a great place to spend the day!