Saturday, November 17, 2018

Sunset Park

Sunset Park, located right across from the airport, is a great place to run, play volleyball, have a picnic, go fishing, play horseshoes, play disc golf, feed the many things to do in this great urban park!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

100 Resources for Those in Need in Las Vegas

If you have a crisis in Las Vegas, whether you are a tourist or a local, it's good to know where to go for help.  Here are 100 resources for those in need in Las Vegas:

General Assistance

  1. 211 (call or go online for help with all sorts of social services)
  2. Goodwill (a cheap place to shop; they also have a jobs program)
  3. Salvation Army of Southern Nevada (social service assistance in Las Vegas)
  4. Help of Southern Nevada (social services in Las Vegas)
  5. Lutheran Social Services of Nevada (social service assistance in Las Vegas)
  6. Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada (social service programs in Las Vegas)
  7. United Way of Southern Nevada (social service programs in Las Vegas)
  8. Clark County Social Service Offices (list of county social service offices in Las Vegas)
  9. Opportunity Village (social service organization for disabled people)
  10. DHHS Resource List (giant list of social and health services in Las Vegas)

Veterans Assistance

  1. Veterans Village (social service assistance for veterans in Las Vegas)
  2. NV Department of Veterans Services (services for veterans in Las Vegas)
  3. VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VA services for veterans)
  4. US Vets (veterans assistance services)
  5. Las Vegas Vet Center (VA service center)
  6. Veterans Benefits and Services (long list of veterans resources)
  7. VFW (Veterans of Foreign War find-a-post)
  8. American Legion (veterans service organization)
  9. Nellis AFB (base-wide website for the local military base)
  10. Veterans Transition Resource Center (resources for new vets)

Assistance Programs for Children

  1. Project 150 (wide range of social service assistance for youth in Las Vegas)
  2. Head Start (early learning programs for kids in Las Vegas)
  3. NV Child Care Assistance Programs (info on child care assistance programs)
  4. NV Child Support Programs (info on all things related to child-support)
  5. TANF (financial help for low/no income families)
  6. Clark County DFS (family services in Las Vegas)
  7. Nevada PEP (children's education and social services in Las Vegas)
  8. CCSD HOPE Program (school district program for homeless children)
  9. Olive Crest (child abuse prevention services)
  10. Family Promise of Las Vegas (family services programs)

Medical Assistance

  1. Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada (free and low cost medical services)
  2. Free Clinics (list of free medical services in Las Vegas)
  3. Planned Parenthood (reproductive health services)
  4. NV Medical Assistance Programs (medical programs for low/no income people)
  5. UNLV Dental School (sliding scale dental care)
  6. St Jude's Ranch for Children (assistance for abused children)
  7. NDPBH (mental health services in Las Vegas)
  8. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs (list of national mental health and SA programs)
  9. Southern Nevada Health District (health services, health cards, immunizations, etc)
  10. NV DSHS (information on Medicaid and other state medical programs)

Legal Assistance

  1. Family and Civil Law Self Help Centers (help for do-it-yourself legal issues)
  2. Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (legal assistance)
  3. Nevada Legal Services (free legal help for low income people)
  4. Nevada Law Help (legal assistance info and referrals)
  5. Southern Nevada Senior Law Program (legal help for seniors)
  6. Clark County Sheriff Civil Process Section (info and forms for civil processes)
  7. CCDC (info on everything at the detention center--inmate search, bail, contact an inmate, etc)
  8. CASA Las Vegas (court appointed advocates for children program)
  9. CPS Guidebook (information on child protective services)
  10. Courts:  District Court     NV Courts     Justice Court    LV Municipal Court

Food Assistance

  1. Food Pantries (food pantries and meal programs in Las Vegas)
  2. SNAP (food stamp program for low/no income people)
  3. TEFAP (list of emergency food resources in Las Vegas)
  4. WIC (food program for women, infants, and children)
  5. CCSD Free and Reduced Meal Program (free and reduced school meal program info)

Shelter Assistance

  1. Shade Tree (women's domestic violence shelter)
  2. SNRHA (housing program assistance in Las Vegas)
  3. NV Energy Assistance Programs (energy assistance for low/no income people)
  4. Women's Development Center (shelter programs to help women)
  5. Habitat for Humanity (home ownership program for low income people)

Job Assistance

  1. Nevada Job Connect (employment training and placement)
  2. SAC Program List (list of apprenticeship programs in Las Vegas)
  3. CC Works Force Training and Education (county job training programs)
  4. NV DETR (NV Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation)
  5. Sierra Nevada Job Corps (job training and employment program)

Homeless Services

  1. Las Vegas Rescue Mission (social service help)
  2. Resource Guide for Homeless Services (huge list of homeless resources)
  3. CCSD Homeless Shelter List (list of local homeless shelters)
  4. Emergency Assistance Program (low income emergency shelter assistance info)
  5. Homeless Resource Guide (huge list of homeless resources)

Emergency Services

  1. Red Rock Search and Rescue (local SAR organization)
  2. Suicide Prevention Lifeline (national number for suicide help)
  3. Nevada Poison Control Center (for immediate poisoning info and help)
  4. Nevada Red Cross (offers a range of emergency assistance programs)
  5. LVMPD Missing Persons (info on what to do if someone is missing)
  6. CCNV Dept of Emergency Management (county emergency management office)
  7. University Medical Center (level 1 trauma center in Las Vegas)

Crime Info and Services

  1. Nevada Victims of Crime (help for crime victims)
  2. Rape Crisis Center (help for victims of rape)
  3. Las Vegas Crime Map (a map listing all reported crimes in Las Vegas)
  4. LVMPD File a Crime Report (file a crime report online)
  5. Crime Stoppers of Nevada (report a crime online)
  6. Las Vegas FBI (Vegas FBI field office info)
  7. LVMPD Crime Victims Services List (services for crime victims in Las Vegas)
  8. Nevada Child Seekers (resources and information for missing children)
  9. Vegas Strong Resiliency Center (resources for victims of the October 1 Mass Shooting)

Senior Services

  1. Senior Services Directory (huge list of senior resources)
  2. Nevada Senior Guide (huge list of senior resources)
  3. NV ADSV (Nevada Ageing and Disability Services)
  4. Nevada Senior Services (listings of adult day care and other senior services)
  5. Helping Hands of Vegas Valley (senior assistance programs)

Emergency Preparedness

  1. Southern Nevada CERT Program (community emergency response training)
  2. Clark County Emergency Preparedness Guide (huge list of emergency preparedness info)
  3. Clark County Emergency Management (county-level preparedness info)
  4. NV Dept of Emergency Management (info on statewide emergency management programs)
Everything Else
  1. LVMPD Concealed Firearm Info (carry application, requirements, etc)
  2. RTC Transit Passes (info on discounted transit passes for those in need)
  3. Discount Cell Phone Providers (cell phones for low/no income people)
  4. List of Las Vegas Assistance Programs (list of random assistance resources)
  5. Help for Felons (resources for those recently released from prison)
Bonus (additional resources added as they are found)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Our second park for the day was the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park which is beautiful in any season!

Police Memorial Park

Today we went to check out the Police Memorial Park, a park attached to the police academy in Las Vegas that we had never been to before.  It's a really nice park with play areas, picnic areas, and a memorial wall and statue. 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

The (North) Las Vegas Strip

For an early morning walk/run, nothing beats the north Las Vegas Strip for uniqueness!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Another great idea for the kids...Sky Zone Trampoline Park!  The kids had a great time there yesterday bouncing in the trampoline area, flinging themselves into the foam pit, playing dodge ball on trampolines, and checking out the rest of the facility (there are a half dozen different play areas).  Fun!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

KISS Mini Golf

Another fun activity for the whole family in Las Vegas...KISS mini golf at the Rio!

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Show

One of the annual events we never miss in Las Vegas is the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Show.  It's a fun, free event that is pretty exciting to watch.  The cowboys (and girls) race their horses around the arena shooting at a bunch of balloons (unfortunately my phone doesn't take the best action shots...).

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Chick Fil A

In an effort to see what all of the fuss was about when Chick Fil A opened here in Las Vegas a while back (there were lines around the building and around the parking lot at the time) we headed over to the fast food place to find out if all of the hype was worth it.  There was still a line out the door when we got there (the lady who worked there said that was normal) but the line moved pretty fast (the staff was awesome).  We ordered our chicken sandwiches and were...not overly impressed.  Although it wasn't as disappointing as White Castle which was similarly hyped when it opened here in Las Vegas (blech!), it was just a chicken sandwich so I'm not sure why everyone made such a big deal about it!